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Art and Pink Chocolate!

P!NK UP YOUR LIFE – Art and Chocolate

Would you fancy some pink chocolate? Beschle Chocolatier and star photographer Alexander Palacios have our artsy chocolate hearts beat faster with their newest Art Basel collaboration: P!NK UP YOUR LIFE!

A world in P!NK at Beschle Chocolatier in Basel

A world in P!NK at Beschle Chocolatier in Basel

What does a gun, a mask, toys, flowers and chocolate have in common? They all have Alexander Palacios, who has gone on to present the hottest photography exhibition in town this summer. Starring Nala Diagouraga (Paris) and Enrique Liano (Seville) as models, the photographer displayed his stunning and controversial works as walking art during the prestigious fares art basel and volta. To accompany the show and make it even rosier, Alexander Palacios partnered up with Beschle Chocolatier to create a limited edition of sparkling pink chocolate! 

"Leave the dark side behind you and let chocolate and art P!NK UP YOUR LIFE!" is the slogan to this very pinky situation!

With their sweet collaboration, Palacios and Beschle would like to proove once and for all that pink is not just a girly colour as most of us perceive it, instead it is a state of mind. It is the expression of a positive attitude, of joy, smiles, energy and self-irony. It is a statement which will pull us all out of our grey routine and bring us into a playful world of wonders.

Yes! we are definitely loving the idea of some vie en rose to get rid of this rainy summer! Join us as we P!NK UP OUR LIVES with some art and a deliciously funky pink chocolate!

To view Palacios' online exhibtion click here: P!NK UP YOUR LIFE online exhibition

To enjoy this funkylicious limited edition chocolate contact us at and we'll be more than happy to send you a little sweet taster. Hurry up though, it won't be around for long!